IX. Conclusion

I’ve put together this book to help you follow the one piece of advice I tell people over and over: Do informational interviews. They are absolutely crucial to your career and will benefit you in the immediate and long term. It is as easy as asking someone out to coffee, but as transformative as a brand new career, investment, mentorship or friendship.

I really want you to do them. This is by far the most-often given advice I offer, and universally the least heeded. I understand that it is incredibly difficult to go out on a limb and ask for someone to coffee, especially if you don’t know that someone.

Imagine though, the opportunities that exist for you. Think: by doing one informational interview, you have a huge leg up on everyone else you are competing against. You’ll have access to free knowledge and connections that most rarely ask for. People are right in front of you, every day, and are begging to help someone just like you out, and are just waiting to be asked.

In fact, I’ll offer to be your first one. Email me at graham.wahlberg@gmail.com. Come to meet me in Southern California, and I’ll grab a coffee with you. If you ask, I might even give you some new people to meet with or your next job.

So please, take my advice, do lots of Informational Interviews. You’ll be glad you did.

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